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Paradise Diving

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   Hidden Paradise Campground

  802 E. Jefferson St.

   Saint. Paul IN,  47272




New Dive Dock 

40 x 40 foot

Solar lights

Built in 2010


  Photo's in Dream Lake



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 Dive Features:

Dream lake is a 15 acre spring fed rock quarry with  an average depth of 25 feet. The deepest point in Dream Lake is a sump hole 18 feet in diameter and drops to 35 feet in depth. The visibility will vary but generally you will see 7-10 foot visibility and occasionally up to 20-25 foot. There are a few small runabouts, a sail boat, a mini bus and a few articles left by the quarry company. If your lucky you will surprise a paddle fish during your dive along the south wall. The paddle fish were introduced into the quarry in  October of 2001 and are now 4-5 feet long. You will also encounter rare fresh water Jelly fish between the months of  July through September. Not to worry though, they are the size of a quarter and produce no venom. The quarry is teaming with life so each dive will be interesting.   

There are several docks around the Quarry but only one without a set of steps. This dock is located on the north side next to the Flat Rock river. Each of the docks have floating ramps or an underwater platform for an easy exit out of the water. With the dock is a shelter, equipped with picnic tables for snacking and rest periods between dives. You will find the scenery to be rather nice in a  peaceful surrounding.  

No need to worry about filling your tank before leaving home, there is a filling station located on the grounds. There is no rental equipment so check your dive bag before leaving home.

Your non diving friends can swim or cruise around in a paddle boat or enjoy other campground amenities while you dive.

The water temperature in the summer will vary, but generally runs between 80 to 85 degrees.   



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 Printer Friendly pdf Map

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Diving Rates

 Scuba Diving Per Day              10.00
Swimming Included                    10.00 
Compressed Air fills                    7.00
Season Pass- includes swimming    75.00


There are no other costs associated with diving.

 All we ask is that you have a GREAT DAY!

  • Certified Divers are required to present their c-card when registering.

  • All Divers are required to have a dive buddy.

  • Divers must be out of the water by midnight.

  • The Quarry is open 365 days per year.



Check in Times

  Monday - Sunday              8:00 AM        12:00  Midnight

Please use the security phone across from the office for service if the office attendant is not available, or call 765-525-6582



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